18X40W IP65 Stage Flood Light Theatre Matrix Waterproof Zoom Wash Moving Head Bar

Short Description:

The Matrix IP65 Moving Head Bar Stage Flood Light is a high-brightness but lightweight outdoor LED wash light. Suitable for all types of indoor shows, concerts, theater, or outdoor events, Landscape lighting. 18 pieces 40W high power LED, each two LED as one section can work with quickly water-running effect. It is not only a powerful outdoor wash light but can also be used as an effect light on stage. Thanks to the special optic design, give a 3.5° beam on a narrow-angle, and 50° on a wide angle. Both have a beam sense and a wide wash effect.

  • Brand: Beyond
  • Model: 1840ZLW
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Email: beyond03@beyond58.com
  • WhatsApp/WeChat: 8613922297736
  • Product Detail

    CAD Chart

    High Power Wash Moving Head Bar IP65 Dmx Stage Flood Light

    High-quality waterproof material housing and good waterproof performance. Aesthetic appearance design, low noise fan, IP65 waterproof protection Power-con in and out socket. High brightness with wide wash ability, clear and uniform colors. 4 Dimmer model with delay or without delay, 0-100% linear dimming and flicker-free.

    wash moving head bar

    Preset rich color and pattern Marco, each two LED can be controlled by sections. LED has high-temperature protection and can auto adjust its brightness slowly according to head temperature.

    Technical Parameters

    • Light Source: 18x40W 4IN1 RGBW LED
    • Zoom Angle: 3.5 - 50 Degrees
    • Power Consumption: 580 W
    • Power Voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Lamp Life ≥ 50000 Hours

    • DMX Channel:19/25/61CH
    • Control Modes: DMX512

    • Tilt: 270°

    • 1.8 inch TFT color display
    • 4 touch buttons, Color led screen with 180-degree rotation
    • Switch between Chinese and English
    • Display:180° reversible TFT Display
    • Data In/Out socket: 3-pin XLR sockets
    • Power Socket: Waterproof Powercon in/out
    • Environment temperature: -10℃ - 45℃
    • Protection Rating: IP65
    • Net Weight: 16 kg
    • Dimensions: 508 mm x 208 mm x 351 mm
    • Carton Package 1 in 1 Size: 610 mm x 555 mm x 330 mm
    • Gross Weight: 20 kg
    Electronic control technology: Menu or console control lamp reset; 0-100% dimming; constant current drive mode; temperature sensing detection, intelligent adjustment of light source power; lamp information query; intelligent fan speed control

    • Effect configuration: full range dimming, 65536 levels of dimming accuracy; fast strobe 1~25Hz; preset multiple color macro functions; preset multiple effect macro functions;
    • Working temperature: -10℃45℃
    • Safety protection: over current, over voltage, over heat protection;
    • Protection index: IP65
    • Maximum number of connections: 220V: less than 6 units, 2.5 square meters of wires are required
    120V: within 3 units, 2.5 square meters of wires are required

    Product Effect



    Q: I usually need re-order the lights, if I feel happy with them, and making sure each time I can get the same products is very important for me, can you realize that?

    Re: Of course! We attach great importance to ensuring the stability and continuity of our products. We each new light we test many times before deciding to sell to the market. And we will inform and communicate with cooperation clients if we need to update the lights, for software if we do update we will keep the previous software for clients to choose.

    Q: If I buy the lights from you, do I still need to pay duty tax here?

    Re: It depends on your country's import policy. The different country policy is different, in some countries if a small amount is no need to pay tax. And some areas we can provide special shipping ways which include your import customs clearance and duty tax, so better to ask us.

    Q: How many years has your factory been founded?

    Re: Beyond lighting was founded in 2011, and we have over 10 years of stage lighting R &D experience now most products are our private products.

    Goods delivery at Factory

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