2460B-Latest Stage Lighting Powerful 24x60W LED Bee Eye Moving Head Light

Short Description:

The bee eye moving head is the most powerful LED beam+ wash+ bee eye effect LED moving head in China. We are the first manufacturer in China to start R&D on the 40W and 60W LED source bee eye effect moving head.

• This model 2460B is suitable for concerts, TV shows, festivals, car shows, theater, sports tournaments, and events in a large venue.
• It is powered by 24 x 60W RGBW high-powered LEDs with the latest designed high light output optics and lenses, featuring LED pixel effects.
• Updated one very important point, making its lighting spot to be round. The optic system offers an adjustment beam angle from 3.5°-45° that can cover a wide performance stage.
• LED board rotating in either direction with controlled speed creates a dazzling flower effect. Dynamic visual effects are easily achieved by mapping individual pixels controlled by a DMX console.

  • Brand: Beyond
  • Model: 2460B
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Email: beyond03@beyond58.com
  • WhatsApp/WeChat: 8613922297736
  • Product Detail

    24x60W LED Bee Eye Moving Head Wash Light

    2460B is undoubtedly a technological innovation, utilizing our latest self-developed optic design. It delivers perfect light output with high brightness and clear colors. Additionally, this new optic design creates a round lighting spot, making it suitable for professional stages.

    The first station to display this model is the 2021 Guangzhou Get Show lighting exhibition, which received much praise from visitors and stage performance experts. Almost everyone was fascinated by its ultra brightness, its fantastic effects, and its small size(354x 444x 477mm) for such a large power. Proving once again that Beyond has rich experience in the design and production of LED lamps is superior to that of other factories.

    bee eye moving head

    The model is equipped with 24 pixels, providing a beam angle ranging from 3.5° to 45°. It supports DMX512 and RDM protocols and offers 5 DMX channel models to cater to different program requirements. The LED has overheating protection, which automatically reduces the brightness if the head temperature becomes too high.

    Additionally, it features an easy-to-operate pan/tilt fixed lock, making it more convenient to handle or pack the light. Folding hooks are also included for added convenience.

    Technical Parameters

    • Light Sources: 24x60W 4IN1 RGBW LED
    • Zoom Angle: 3.5- 45 Degrees
    • Power Consumption: 1500W
    • Power Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

    DMX Channel: 21/25/33/129/106 Channels (ArtNet 106CH)

    • Control Modes: DMX512/Master-Slave/AutoRun/Music/ArtNet

    Pan : 540° ,accuracy 2.11°/step, fine-tuning accuracy: 0.008°;

    • Tilt : 270°,accuracy 0.86°/step, fine-tuning accuracy: 0.0034°;
    • Using a magnetic-coded reset system

    Display:2.4-inch TFT color display; Chinese and English languages can be switched,180° reversible TFT Display

    • Data In/Out socket: 3-pin & 5-pin XLR sockets
    • Protection Rating: IP20
    • Net Weight: 26 kg
    • Dimension: 444 mm x 376 mm x 573 mm

    moving head wash

    moving head wash
    • Carton Package 1in1 Size: 610 mm x 485 mm x 580 mm
    • Gross Weight: 31 kg

    • Flight Case 1in2 Size: 920 mm x 530 mm x 770 mm
    • Gross Weight: 94 kg

    Product Effect

    bee eye moving head

    Product Application Case

    bee eye moving head

    Factory Goods Shipping

    stage lighting supplier

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