9x60W Beam Wash Zoom LED Moving Head Bar with Motorized Tilt

Short Description:

The 960Z moving head bar is an innovative linear lighting and LED tilt bar designed for professional use. It offers high brightness and utilizes cutting-edge optical technology. With pixel mapping capabilities and round lighting spot technology, it can create a wide range of light complement wash effects. The blade beam effect, with a narrow beam angle of 3.5° and a wide angle of 40°, generates a unique wash curtain effect. In tilt mode, the beam can swing left or right within a range of 35°, adding a dynamic element to stage performances. Whether used as professional wash lighting, for shaping the stage or as effect lighting, the 960Z moving head bar excels in all applications.

  • Brand: Beyond
  • Model: 960Z
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Email: beyond03@beyond58.com
  • WhatsApp/WeChat: 8613922297736
  • Product Detail

    9x60W LED Pixel Bar Moving Head Light

    This is a groundbreaking endeavor to transform a high-powered wash moving head into a vertically rotating linear lighting fixture. It effectively manages heat dissipation and ensures proper counterweight balance for the head. Even with all LEDs on, it emits an exceptionally strong beam and delivers an impeccable wash effect. The 960Z moving head bar addresses the limitation of hexagon lenses in creating round lighting spots, enabling it to perform exceptionally well as professional wash lights in various professional settings.

    moving led bar

    The 960Z features a 270° tilt movement range, precise positioning, and smooth operation thanks to its 3-phase step motor. The beam's head can also swing left or right within a 35° range. It offers a wide array of color and pattern macros, with 46 pre-set color macros and 38 pre-set pattern macros. Additionally, it offers full optical domain dimming with 65536 levels of dimming control.

    Technical Parameters

    • Light Sources: 9x60W 4IN1 RGBW LED
    • Average Life Span> 50000 Hours
    • Zoom Angle: 3.5 - 40 Degrees
    • Glass Light Guide + PMMA High-Quality Optical Lens
    • Power Consumption: 550 W
    • Power Voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

    DMX Channel: 20/25/61 Channels

    • Control Modes: DMX512/Master-Slave/AutoRun/Music/RDM

    270°, accuracy 0.86°/step, fine-tuning accuracy: 0.0034°;

    • Using a magnetic-coded reset system

    Display: 1.8 inch TFT color display with 180° reversible,

    • Data In/Out Socket: 3-pin XLR sockets
    • Protection Rating: IP20
    • Dimension: 996 mm x 150 mm x 291 mm
    • Net Weight: 20 kg

    • Carton Package 1in1 Size: 1110 mm x 380 mm x 305 mm
    • Gross Weight: 24 kg

    • Flight Case 2in1 Size: 1070 mm x 560 mm x 510 mm
    • Gross Weight: 70 kg
    Electronic Control Technology:
    • Menu or console control lamp reset
    • 0-100% dimming
    • Constant current drive mode
    • Temperature sensor detection, intelligent adjustment of light source power
    • Lamp information query
    • Intelligent fan speed control

    • Full optical domain dimming, 65536-level dimming accuracy
    • Fast strobe 1~25Hz
    • LED Single Control
    • Integrate dyeing and light beam, the light beam can swing left and right
    • Preset 46 kinds of color macro functions
    • Preset 38 kinds of pattern effect macro function

    Product Effect

    moving head bar


    Q: What about the packing conditions of your products?

    Re: Standard package is export carton ( use EPE packed well the lights) and 5 layer cardboard carton

    Flight case are optional and acceptable customized

    Q: What terms of transportation are available?

    Re: Small order usually ship by Express ( DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc), By Air, By sea or By railway.

    We will give you the best solution according to your order and the urgency of receiving the goods.

    Q: How long will be your delivery time?

    Re: It depends on the order quantity, mostly hot selling models we keep in stock, so if you order our standard products not very big quantities, usually we have in stock and delivery time is within 3 days after payment arrival.

    Q: If I wanna do some change on the software of the lights, can you help me do that?

    Re: For small order, we only accept buy our standard products, for mass order we can check with the details and clear what you want to modify, it is acceptable to discuss.

    Factory Goods Delivery


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