2720HW-IP65 Outdoor Strobe Wall Wash Lighting with 960×0.2W LED

Short Description:

2720HW-IP65 outdoor strobe wall wash lighting with 960×0.2W LED, A Linear outdoor strobe light with RGBW colorful LED, has a waterproof aesthetic finished Die casting aluminum housing. Good to use as a strobe effect light, or as a staged outline. 8 pixels of LED can run super quickly after the program and works like the pixel bar light. The light stand makes it able to stand on the floor or easily hang on the truss. Good waterproof performance makes it not only work on stage lighting but also good to suitable for architectural lighting 

  • Brand: Beyond
  • Model: 2720HW
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Email: beyond03@beyond58.com
  • WhatsApp/WeChat: 8613922297736
  • Product Detail

    IP65 Outdoor Strobe Wall Wash Lighting with 960x0.2W LED

    Good waterproof protection handle and good finished Die cast aluminum housing plus a good-look appearance. The length of the body is around 1 meter, used Colorful touchscreen display, folding hooks, or a double quick lock system are in optional. Very fast LED sections to chase effect, pretty good to use as stage shape and effect also, was popularly used for stage, music festival, and club.

    strobe stage light

    Technical Parameters

    • Light Source: 960x0.2W 4IN1 RGBW LED
    • Beam Angle: 120°
    • Power Consumption: 210 W
    • Power Voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    DMX Channel: 16/44 Channels

    • Control Modes: DMX512/AutoRun/Music

    Display: 180° reversible TFT Touch Display

    • Data In/Out Socket: 3-pin XLR sockets
    • Power Socket: Waterproof Powercon in/out
    • Protection Rating: IP65
    • Net Weight: 7.5 kg

    Dimmer: 0~100% smooth dimming ; two dimmer models in optional( delay or without delay)

    • 8-Zone controlled
    • Strobe effect with high brightness
    • LED temperature protection & Fan run speed automatic adjustment based on the head temperature.

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