25x40W Magic Panel Matrix zoom moving head has double face and strobe light

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25x40W Magic Panel Matrix zoom moving head has double face and strobe light, is a innovative professional stage lighting and launched into market on 2019. This model shared with same body can make with two version lights, double face or single face with wash zoom only.

It generating an ultra-tight 3.5° beam from each of the 25 pixel, pixels effect make it allow to display letter, numbers, arrows, etc patterns. The patterns can be move forward or backward, plus Pan & Tilt is quickly moving with infinite rotating, created a very wonderful 3D dynamic effect. 

Two faces with wash and zoom effect, make it can be used as a high quality zoom wash moving head and as a entertainment lights as strobe light. It is very good to use as background, wash lights, stage shapes or as a effect light

  • Certification: CE, RoHS
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • MOQ: 1 piece
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    25x40W Magic Panel Matrix zoom moving head has double face and strobe light

    This professional lighting is a two face led moving head, total has 25 led,each led is 40W RGBW 4-in-1 colors, and used high quality and high output new design optic.The Illuminance data @ 5M on 3.2°beam angle is 55,500 Lux. Each led can be controlled single, total 25 pixels, can create very rich pattern effect, like letters, numbers, arrows, and graph can rotate forward or backward.

    Thanks for its widely zoom angle from 3.2°to 45°,its have very sharp beam and smooth & uniform wash colors. Three phase step motor give good ability for quickly no-limited rotating of pan and tilt.and using photoelectric reset system. Equipped with delicate and easy to operated fixed lock, more convenient for bring and packing.

    This lights can also make with single face which remove the strobe. Other features are same as the double face version

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    led wash zoom moving head
    led wash zoom moving head

    As a high level professional lighting, it has 16bit dimming, no flicker and suitable to the theatre and TV station.Preset richly color and effect Marco function. 5 DMX channel mode meet the programming needs of different scenarios, and controlled by RDM, DMX512 and Art-net protocol.

    Mostly imported,we takes over 1 years to test it during our Research and development process, the light featured with over heat protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, to ensure them are work stable and in good performance.

    Technical Parameters

    Optics Pan/Tilt
    Led source 1>Wash effect - 25x 40W LED 4in1 RGBW
    2>Strobe effect - 576*0.5W 4in RGBW LED.(Life expectancy> 50,000 hours)
    Pan/Tilt infinite rotation (using photoelectric reset system)
    Beam angle 3.2 ° -45 ° Pan 360 °,accuracy 0.86 ° / step, fine-tuning accuracy: 0.0034 °
    Power Consumption 1000W Tilt 540 °, accuracy 2.11 ° / step, fine-tuning accuracy: 0.008 °;
    Control Construction
    Control Modes DMX512, Display 180°reversible 2.4-inch LCD color display(Chinese or English)
    DMX mode 26/33/43/143/111 Channels Data In/Out socket 3-pin & 5-pin XLR sockets
    Power Socket Powercon in
    Features Protection Rating IP20
    Effect configuration: full light domain dimming, 65536 level dimming accuracy; fast strobe 1 ~ 25Hz; preset --- a kind of color macro function; preset --- a kind of effect macro function Specification
    Led temperature protection & Speed of fan run automatic based on the temperature of the head. Dimension 376mm × 270mm × 600mm,NW:24 KGS
    Single led control, zoom effect, ArtNet control , infinite Pan and tilt rotation. Standard package:carton;Flight case in optional
    Electronic control technology: menu or console control lamp reset; 0-100% dimming; constant current drive mode; temperature sensor detection, intelligent adjustment of light source power; lamp information query; intelligent fan speed adjustment Certification
    Safety protection: over current, over voltage, over heat protection, XY fixed lock CE,RoHS

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