Digital Dimmer box for stage lighting

Short Description:

Digital Dimmer box, Maximum output power of each circuit can reach 4KW. Good heat dissipation device and forced air cooling are combined with intelligent environmental control system. Highly effective anti-interference ability, low noise. The dimming curce can be set as a linear or switch state, switch value of 50%, the brightness of the switch state input value is greater than or equal to 50% when the corresponding.

Product Detail

Digital Dimmer Box

Function characteristic
.   Condition examination      
.   Initial channel setting
.  Control light curve setting  
.   Preheating value setting
 Major technique parameter
Power  220V±10%/50±1Hz@40kW Three-phase 5 wire system
Channel 12
Each channel Output 4kW
Control curve 2(Linear switching)
Switch value 50%
Preheating value scope 0~9
Environmental condition
Operating temperature  0℃~45℃
Work relative humidity  20%~90%
Storage temperature –40℃~+55℃
Storage relative humidity 10% ~ 93%
Outlook size 485mm ×515mm  ×133 mm

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