Hot sales Mini beam moving head light series with 250W 311W and 380W power

Short Description:

Hot sales Mini beam moving head light series with 250W 311W and 380W power,this mini beam series moving head lights are specially designed to solve the user’s demends for a cost-effective but hight brightness, high performance beam lights. It has 3 models shared with same body, power are availabe to Philips MSD Silver 250W , OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 311W,OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371W Lamp. Featured with color wheels, gobo wheels, Frost, Focus,and double Prism with 8 face and 24 face prism, also prisms can be stacked. Lighting fixtures high temperature automatic protection. Standard DMX512 protocol Plus RDM function.

  • Certification: CE, RoHS
  • Warranty: 2 years (lamp not included)
  • MOQ: 1 piece
  • Product Detail


    Hot sales Mini beam moving head light series with 250W 311W and 380W


    Technical Parameters

    Optics Pan/Tilt 
    Led source Philips MSD Silver 250W Pan/Tilt Resolution 16 bit
    OSRAM SIRIUS HRI ® 311W Pan 540°
    OSRAM SIRIUS HRI ® 371W Tilt 270°
    Beam angle 1.8° Construction
    Control  Display Rechargeable battery, you can enter the menu to set without powering on. The Chinese and English languages can be switched, and the display can be reversed 180°, which is convenient for hanging upside down
    Control Modes DMX512/RDM
    DMX mode 16/13 channels Data In/Out socket  3-pin & 5-pin XRL socket
    Color system Power Socket PowerCon in/out
    1 color wheel 12 color +4color effect+ white, half-color effect,rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation Protection Rating IP20
    Gobo system Specification
    1 fixed pattern plate 14 pattern pieces + white, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function Dimension 192*313*255mm; NW: 14 kgs
    Prism system Standard package:carton;Flight case in optional
    Prism 1 8prisms Atomization Independent atomization
    Prism2 24 prisms Certification:
    2 prisms can be stacked CE,ROHS

    Product Effect


    Product Test process


    Step 1: all materiasl passed 100% IQC inspect

    All materials will be 100% inspect before be sent to workshop

    Step 2: at least 48 hours aging test before packing

    All unit lights will be 100% QC inspect and takes around 48- 72 hours aging test 

    Step 3: hang testing

    Each batch production we will select certain percent to do hang & rotating test

    Step 4 : Environment high temperature testing

    we did two parts test for high temperature testing :

    A: testing during the product still in R & D

    B: testing for each batch production 

    Usually we test the higgest temperature reach to around 45℃

    Step 6: waterproof testing (only for IP65 lights)

    all waterproof lights we will do waterproof test to see can it be work fine under rain

    Product Test process


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