What is a Bee Eye Moving Head?

Industry Guide- Bee Eye Moving Head

bee eye moving head

Bee Eye Moving Head is a type of wash moving head light fixture that is widely used in the entertainment industry. This type of lighting system enables various lighting effects to be achieved by following the movement of the head of the light fixture. There are two major categories of Wash Moving Head fixtures, including Wash Zoom Moving Head and Pixel Control Moving Head. The Pixel Control Moving Head is the industry default for Bee Eye Moving Head, as it allows for each individual LED to be controlled, providing even more lighting effects, such as flower and circular effects. To distinguish the LED wash moving head as a Bee Eye Moving Head, the lens disc of the light fixture can be rotated by hand when the power is off. If it rotates, the light fixture is considered a Bee Eye Moving Head.

moving light lens


You can check the effect video of 7x40W mini bee eye light with pixel control and flower effect

The Bee Eye Moving Head also comes in two different size categories: Mini Bee Eye and Big Bee Eye Moving Heads. The Mini Bee Eye Moving Head is usually smaller in size, making it easier to achieve different effects with its movement, while the Big Bee Eye Moving Head is larger in size, making it more powerful and able to produce more lighting effects. Alternatively, the smaller size of the Mini Bee Eye Moving Head makes it more convenient to use in smaller venues. The larger size of the Big Bee Eye Moving Head tends to offer better brightness, color mixing, and a more complex movement system, which can produce a more breathtaking stage spectacle.


Each Bee Eye Moving Head fixture has its own specific advantages and disadvantages depending on the event or stage lighting requirements. For example, the Mini Bee Eye Moving Head is better suited for small and medium-sized events, concerts, and touring applications due to its compact size and portability. The Big Bee Eye Moving Head is great for large-scale events like music festivals, stage productions, and arenas due to its larger size and ability to provide a greater degree of lighting intensity.


Overall, Bee Eye Moving Head light fixtures offer a range of capabilities for stage and event lighting design. From the creation of dynamic shapes and patterns to the ability to control individual LEDs and produce elaborate effects, Bee Eye Moving Head lighting systems are a popular choice in the lighting industry. With the added benefits of size and portability, these lighting systems continue to be an essential part of any successful stage or event production.

Post time: May-30-2023