Mid-Autumn Festival Concert in the Greater Bay Area 2021

200pcs beyond lighting 6x60w pixel zoom bar moving head worked in this concert

  • 6 pixels 60W rgbw led
  • Strong beam & good color wash effect
  • pan & Tilt infintied rotating
  • Beam angle:3°-45°
  • Folding hooks installed
  • Dimension:64*21*40, NW:17.5 kgs


On September 21,2021. the "Mid-Autumn Festival Concert in the Greater Bay Area 2021" 2021 held in Shenzhen City of China.

Hundreds of musicians and filmmakers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan gathered in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to sing the song of the full moon, bringing an unprecedented audiovisual feast!


With the theme of reunion and film and music as the media, the gala invites mainland audiences, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and Chinese around the world to share the beauty of film and harmony. Feel the cultural atmosphere of the Greater Bay Area together and celebrate this joyful and warm reunion moment.

The multi-dimensional stage of "Bay Area Rising Moon" 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Film and Music Gala brought more shocking audio-visual effects in the changes of light and shadow, presenting the audience with a wonderful grand performance.



The stage design by Shi Yue, with the design concept of "convergence, reunion", with the "city in the sky" like the high stage to create a "hand can pick the stars" stage artistic conception. This year's festival is not only about family reunions, but also about filmmakers and movie hits. Therefore, the stage should have the space imagination that is inside and outside the moon, just as the bright moon is in the horizon and close at hand

                                 Stage Design profile


stage design

200 pieces Beyond Light 660: 6x60W pixel zoom bar moving head  with infinited rotating worked in this stage


660 Demo work effect

The stage lighting is designed in coordination with the stage choreographer's modeling, and the highest scene-making height is 20 meters in the "attic in the sky" created by the stage choreographer's structure, which brings certain restrictions to the setting of the lamp position. Therefore, the top light level and backlight level of the lamp are set above 20 meters. In order to match the integrity of the stage space, to ensure its overall beauty.


At the same time, the lighting structure is enriched with 6 sets of T-shaped CNC lamps and 1 set of circular CNC lamps to enrich the performance space. 6 groups of independent NUMERICAL control can be arranged to transform different modeling combination, circular numerical control lamp array arranged on a "full moon" echoes the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival concert "Bay Area rising moon".


The whole stage is divided into four levels, which is a great challenge for the design of opposite light. In addition to the regular light position of basic surface light, 8 XENON SPOT Japanese chase light and 4 non-blue chase light holder system were selected to meet the scheduling position of actors in the performance. In addition, in order to increase the sense of space extended by the stage, 14 groups of vertical light frames were installed on both sides of the stage.

The 2021 Greater Bay Area Mid-Autumn Festival Film Party is full of strong style and feelings. Examples include patriotic red songs, classic Cantopop songs, traditional suites, large-scale symphonies and traditional folk art performances. Therefore, the lighting changes should also meet the needs of different scenes as much as possible to create a unique audio-visual experience.

beyond lighting show

Post time: Sep-24-2021