Xue Zhiqian’s “Heavenly Foreign Objects” concert tour, a super hardcore sci-fi music journey

From October 23rd to 24th, produced by "Tide Rock Music", hosted by "Taihe Music Group" and produced by "A Show Bing". The first two concerts of Xue Zhiqian's "Heavenly Foreign Objects" Tour will be held in Suzhou. The Sports Center Stadium was full of people and kicked off. This is not just a surprise "falling from the sky", but also a long-awaited encounter.


The spaceship landed in shock, the tower of desire was thrilling, the carousel was romantically out of the circle, and the high-altitude coercion received rave reviews... The creative concept was changed four times, and the stage was set up day and night. Various departments such as stage art, lighting, and vision worked together to bring it The audience is a super hardcore sci-fi music journey.


For this space journey, the "show-only" team led by director Xiao Sha continued to prepare for half a year, communicated closely with the artists, and constantly optimized the plan, and finally delivered music fans a magical imagination and more moving audio and entertainment science fiction world .


In the story of "Heavenly Alien", Xue Zhiqian incarnates as an interstellar executive officer. He was ordered to destroy the earth. On the eve of the destruction of the earth, he was inspired by the beauty of mankind and sacrificed himself to travel through time and space to save the earth.


How to transform the theme of the concert's "external objects" into an immersive performance scene, and present the design concepts of "interstellar travel, time and space shuttle" on the stage, director Xiao Sha sprouted the idea of returning the spaceship to the stage. After fully communicating and exchanging views with Xue Zhiqian's team, Xiaosha led everyone on a rare hardcore sci-fi music stage creation journey.


In order to allow the audience to be immersed in the story of interstellar space, the team designed a large spaceship as a stage. The production team used 40 18-meter vans to load and transport accessories, and used multiple cranes to work continuously for 8 days and 8 nights to lift the 30-ton spacecraft to an altitude of 30 meters.


In this link, safety is emphasized and strict construction procedures are followed. Every increase in weight has to undergo precise calculations, repeated discussions, and verification of operability and safety, and finally realized that Xue Zhiqian "dropped from the sky" as an "interstellar executive" from a spacecraft 30 meters above the ground.


"Heaven and Alien" uses plot and story throughout the performance, integrating "music + movie + performance scene", creating a "real" story world through stage, props, vision, and lighting, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in it.
From a "metaphysical" point of view, the concert will share the emotions of music, combine the audio-visual experience of the movie, and combine the live audio-visual bursting experience. It brings you a broader imagination and a more immersive flow experience in time and space.


A variety of different combinations of lamps are set up above the stage. The lighting design is based on the huge stage structure, and a multi-level progressive light position layout is carried out, and it is embedded into the entire stage structure of the spacecraft. And in the opening and closing screens on both sides of the stage, vertical arrays of lights were installed to present more varied stage visual effects.


The entire concert used more than 2,000 lamps, 28 groups of movable LED screens that can be opened and closed, and 250 digitally controlled motors, thus displaying rich and varied changes and full-structured lighting effects. The light sticks in the auditorium are made of biodegradable and recyclable materials, conveying the core concept of environmental protection in every detail.


In terms of "meaning", it continues Xue's unique humorous style, and at the same time integrates critical spirit and compassion appropriately. Through scenes of sound and light images between science fiction and reality, it impresses and impacts on-site audiences and detonates. Cheers for the enthusiastic effect.
In terms of story creation, Xue Zhiqian and the team of "Being for Shows" will fully discuss the details of each experience, and the story scripts have been repeatedly tempered, just to present a world of music and entertainment full of magical imagination and more moving.


The visual content is mainly based on the evolution of the plot, and the auxiliary "music content" is presented as the focal point. The comprehensive creation using various media such as images, animation, and graphic design creates a fantastic and bizarre visual spectacle.
The main visual content is presented with a 2,200 square meter LED screen, which is combined with lighting and sound effects to create a magnificent scene. The vision not only outlines the future shape of the spacecraft, but also links and superimposes with real-life props in the scene application.


In order to organically combine the "form" and "intention" of the stage, the director team used a total of 21 sets of lifting platforms and designed more than one hundred dynamic agencies. In order to ensure the safety and smooth implementation of the performance, the pressure resistance and reliability of the organs were tested, and finally the creativity of the flying saucer stage was presented to the audience in a highly realistic manner.
According to the story told in the concert, the "Interstellar Executive" implemented the "Earth Salvation Project" as the main storyline, and divided the scene design around the story chapters of heaven and foreign objects, competition for ship tickets, time travel, and protection of the earth.


The "Tower of Desire" emphasizes the "contention", showing the chaotic scene of human beings falling into conflict in order to survive. 8 groups of 9-meter-high "Towers of Desire" are designed on the stage to create the last hope of mankind before the end of the world is compressed on the spire that symbolizes "Desire"


"Carousel" focuses on re-examining the emotional world of human beings from the perspective of "interstellar executive officers". The beautiful memories of mankind make "interstellar executive officers" travel back to the most beautiful era on earth. This is why Xue Zhiqian wants to convey the environmental protection concept of caring for the earth through this concert.


The scene of Xue Zhiqian's time and space shuttle is selected in the amusement park, which symbolizes the happiness and happiness in everyone's heart. The "carousel" is designed as a passage of time and space.
In order to restore the real scene in the amusement park, the director team customized a carousel 1:1 from the amusement park equipment manufacturer, requesting a new creation, hand-painted carousel, and specially customized a turntable with a diameter of 15 meters for this purpose.


After the “interplanetary executive” has gone through the journey, moved by the beauty of mankind, he decided to violate the order, save the earth, return to the human world, call for environmental protection, and become the lifelong guardian of the earth. In order to show the emotional changes of the "Interstellar Executive Officer", director Xiao Sha and Xue Zhiqian exchanged ideas, and they boldly designed a big scene of high-altitude tightrope walking.
Stage performance is a process of continuous creation and polishing of special content. From beginning to end, director Xiao Sha has constantly emphasized the importance of teamwork. A colorful stage performance is the common dedication and effort of all stage players. .


The whole concert presented not only a brilliant performance, but also the enthusiasm of the "show must be" team for the stage. The future will also explore broader possibilities in the field of live performances and bring confidence to the future development of the performance industry.

Post time: Nov-01-2021