What is a Moving Head Wash Light?

Moving head wash lights use RGBW 4-in-1 LED light source, they have red, green and blue LED and sound activation, which can produce clear, uniform and soft light effect. And compatible with DMX, easy to control. LEDs are so powerful that you can mix infinite colors, not just red, green, blue.

Depending on the scene used, you can choose different sizes of moving head wash lights. For small event parties, you are more suitable for using mini moving head wash. For large-scale professional events such as concerts and theaters, it is recommended that you use large-scale moving head wash lights.

led wash moving head

• The Classification of led wash lights

• The characteristics of led wash moving head


The Classification of led wash lights

The general audience will think that LED wash lights are ordinary LED par lights, which are mainly used for the effect of stage wash lights, but we know that they are not limited to par lights, so the commonly used LED wash lights are led par lights.Led wash moving head zoom, cyclorama lights, etc., and each has different functions and characteristics, so it is applied to the needs of different scenes on the stage. Compared with the Led wash lights, the led wash moving head can shake the head, and has a strong beam output, and can also provide the effect of color mixing and comprehensive color mixing, and the color is rich. It is mainly used in theater stages, entertainment venues, etc. colorful effect.


The characteristics of led wash moving head

The led wash moving head adopts an advanced shape design concept and has a unique design, which makes its structure more sturdy and compact. And it is particularly important that it has the advantages of easy operation, safety and reliability. Small light decay is also a major feature of it. Since the LED moving head wash does not pursue its high brightness by losing its use time, it can effectively control the service time of more than 30,000 hours in the case of good packaging and heat dissipation. Moreover, it has built-in convection heat transfer, which accelerates the heat dissipation, and has a good mode and independent control system, which facilitates the individual debugging of the brightness program of the lamps.

Post time: Oct-27-2022