Three good stage designs abroad in 2021!

                                         Usher - The Las Vegas Residency
The famous American singer Arthur Boy became the guest-in-residence at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2021, bringing wonderful performances to the audience. It can be said that he left his own in the Colosseum of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The mark of obliteration!

The entire performance can be said to be an epic automated performance. FragmentNine, as a design company, created an immersive performance for him to review his 25-year career.

When the audience came in, they could only see the stage hidden by a red velvet curtain. From the very beginning, Arthur was creating a sense of mystery and preparing for the next performance.

The design team designed a series of diversified backgrounds for this performance, covering Broadway, opera, concerts, television, fashion and so on.

On the stage, a huge screen becomes the focus. In order to match these screens, 12 TAIT automated video and lighting towers are also designed to give the stage a sense of depth.


In addition to the fixed stage design, many props are also designed, such as a two-story scene, which will be pushed to the center of the stage during a specific performance.


In addition to the fixed stage design, many props are also designed, such as a two-story scene, which will be pushed to the center of the stage during a specific performance.


In a segment dedicated to his Atlanta roots, King Arthur and his dancers put on roller skates together, turning the huge Colosseum stage into a huge ice rink, which is also a good idea.

                TOP OF THE TOP Sopot Festival 2021
This is the grandest music festival in Poland, and one of the most well-known and anticipated music events in Poland.
This year's Top of the Top Sopot Music Festival began on August 17, with a three-day music carnival, with 50 of the greatest Polish music stars performing at the Forest Opera.

On the third day of the Top of the Top Sopot Music Festival, a special event-Anniversary Concert-TVN24 celebrated its 20th anniversary.

This year's stage is dominated by visual screens, which are shaped like sunglasses and have beautiful curved surfaces. The design of the lighting and the screen is up and down, and the huge screen is filled with striped LED screens and lighting equipment.

                            Shake Your Money Maker Summer Tour

This year, BLACK CROWES announced its return to the rock industry and started his summer trip to Shake Your Money Maker.


The tour stage chose the style of the Juke Joint in the 70s to show the beauty of the tour.

There are VIP lifts on both sides of the stage for fans to get close to the band during performances. Under the VIP, the staff perform in their technical bunker.


The stage was produced by TAIT, who created a raised performance surface for the band. On the right side of the stage is a fully functional bar. On the left side of the stage is the "Juke Joint" area, where backup singers perform, and two small concrete stages are set up in the center of the stage. In the center of the stage is an old-fashioned jukebox, reconstructed with custom LED lighting, continuing the theme of Juke Joint. The abstract curtain background depicts bricks, graffiti and buildings, making the audience look like they are walking in an alley.


This tour also specially produced a batch of special lights to decorate the stage, which looks more in line with the Juke Joint style.


Post time: Aug-24-2021