The new blood of music + the ultimate mixing, to build the sound worldview of “People from the Strawberry Planet”

Sound is essential to a music variety show. "People from Strawberry Planet" experienced rooftop stage, Battle stage, and outdoor performance stage. In order to ensure the original sound effects, the sound team has made a lot of effort.

"The audio design of the whole show consists of two parts, one is the music mixing part, which is in charge of Modern Sky Production (MODERNSKY PRODUCTION); the other is the reality show part, which is in charge of the Zhang Penglong team." In this issue, we invited the sound director, Sound design Chen Dong and reality show audio design Zhang Penglong, from the audio design of music mixing and reality show, expand the sound world view of "People from Strawberry Planet"!

From the rooftop stage, the Battle stage to the outdoor performance stage, in order to ensure the clarity of speech and present the best performance, the sound team is equipped with two MiniRay sound reinforcement systems for each stage of the performance, which are used for music amplification and language amplification. Voice. "Because we can't predict the direction of the artists during the recording of the show, the use of an independent language system can ensure the clarity of the language without affecting the artists' live performances, so that the Encore group and audiences in different regions can feel the atmosphere of the scene."


"The most important part of the outdoor performance is to mobilize the audience's emotions. We will control the sound pressure level within a certain range so that the players can feel the dynamics of the sound. The audience will vote according to the effect of the live performance. Where does the audience's emotions come from? The on-site sound effects will drive it."

However, the adjustment of the live stage art also brought a lot of difficulties to the sound reinforcement system. During the recording process, the sound team adjusted the preliminary drawings according to the requirements of the director group and the actual conditions of the scene-the main expansion system is divided into two sides. It consists of 12 speakers, all under the stage is a supplementary sound box, and at the same time, the supplementary sound of the station is added, so that audiences in different regions can experience different levels of sound.


When the artist performs, in addition to the vocal part, there are also many musical instrument pickups. "In order to avoid crosstalk in the late mixing, we recommend that artists try to use IEM (In-Ear Monitor) instead of floor boxes when performing. Especially for the Battle stage, we also prepared two sets of monitoring systems. Good enough backup.” Therefore, the management of on-site wireless frequency is also an important task.

"The live performance part uses more than 50 channels of wireless microphones, more than 50 earphones, plus more than 100 channels in the reality show part, wireless equipment is a big deal." Chen Dong introduced, "For wireless equipment, we are In the early stage, we planned the on-site wireless frequency. At the same time, we have a dedicated wireless system engineer. He can use Shure WWB6 software to monitor the planning of wireless devices around the entire site at any time. There are basically no wireless frequency problems during the recording process. ."

Post time: Sep-07-2021