the finals ended perfectly in July 27th, 2021

The strongest voice on Pepsi campus in 2021


It lasted 3 months and spanned 50 cities. 75,000+ campus musicians opened the music for their passion, and paid tribute to every musician who dared to sing without fear!

On July 27th, the 2021 Pepsi Campus Strongest Voice National Finals, which was created by Pepsi-Cola and Tencent Video, opened in the mountain city of Chongqing. Pepsi spokespersons Wang Jiaer and G.E.M. Deng Ziqi made great contributions to the annual music craze, igniting the peak night with their blood. For a long time, Pepsi has always kept abreast of the pulse of the times, side by side with the younger generation, and actively spread the brand proposition of “listen to yourself, love everything”, and encourage the Z generation to boldly sing love in the heart on the strongest stage, and bravely pursue dreams. Full of aura!


2540 – Double Face LED Matrix zoom&Strobe effects
Light Source 1>Wash effect – 25x 40W LED 4in1 RGBW ;
2>Strobe effect – 576*0.5W 4in RGBW LED. (Life expectancy> 50,000 hours)
Beam angle 3.2 ° -45 °
Glass light guide rod + PMMA high-quality optical lens
Power Consumption 1000w   Power factor PF≥0.98
Control Modes DMX512,Artnet control
DMX mode 26/33/43/143/120channels
Artnet mode 120 channels
Pan/Tilt infinite rotation (using photoelectric reset system)
Protection Rating IP20
Display 180°reversible 2.4-inch TFT color display(Chinese or English)
Data In/Out socket 3-pin & 5-pin XLR sockets
Powercon in
Effect configuration: full light domain dimming, 65536 level dimming accuracy; fast strobe 1 ~ 25Hz; preset — a kind of color macro function; preset — a kind of effect macro function
Led temperature protection & Speed of fan run automatic based on the temperature of the head.
Single led control, zoom effect, ArtNet control , infinite Pan and tilt rotation.
Electronic control technology: menu or console control lamp reset; 0-100% dimming; constant current drive mode;temperature sensor detection, intelligent adjustment of light source power; lamp information query;intelligent fan speed adjustmentSafety protection: over current, over voltage, over heat protection, XY fixed lock
Dimension 37.6cm × 27cm × 60cm
Net Weight 24Kgs


2720 IP65 LED Strobe wash bar light
Light Sources 960*0.2W 4IN1 RGBW LED
Beam Angle 120°
Power Consumption 210W
DMX Channel 16/44 Channels
Control Modes DMX512/Auto Run/Music
Protection Rating IP65
Dimension 992x95x189mm
NW 6kgs
Features :Dimmer:0~100% smooth dimming ;two dimmer model in optional( delay or without delay)8-Zone controlledStrobe effects with high brightnessLed temperature protection & Fan run speed automatic based on the head temperature.

BEYOND’s 2540 and 2720 strongly support the event and shine on the stage


The 2021 Pepsi campus’s strongest voice boom swept more than 50 cities across the country, with a total of more than 75,000 college students enthusiastically signing up. Through the three-month selection of sea qualifiers, city competitions, and provincial competitions, the final winners gathered in Shancheng to start the fierce competition for the top three and the “most elegant award”. In 2020, the contestant Ma Zhe, who came to the fore through the “Pepsi Campus Strongest Voice”, made his debut as a member of the strongest label band “Qiyun League” on the stage of “Tomorrow’s Sons Season 4″, and this year another batch of music Rising stars will release their love on a broader stage, be expected and heard.


In the end, after a comprehensive assessment by the professional jury and the media jury, the high-profile combination of Chen Ye and Luo Xuanye from the Hebei Division won the crown of the national finals of the “Pepsi Campus Strongest Voice” and won as much as 100,000 yuan. Music Fund. At the same time, Lin Hao, who had a high voice and came from the Sichuan Division, won the “Most Elegant Award” sponsored by JD Supermarket.


“Pepsi Campus Strongest Sound” not only provides a professional and high-level competitive stage for millions of college students with musical dreams, but also inspires more young people with aspirations, releases their inner love, and composes passionate youth with rhythmic notes.

2021 is the ninth year that “Pepsi Campus’s strongest voice” will start to sing. This competitive stage has incubated generations of talented and passionate young people, and has become a campus imprint and public influence in the hearts of the younger generation. Music IP, full of youthful memories and dream power. The future is coming, and Pepsi, which is deeply imprinted with its “love” gene, will continue to use music as a carrier to continuously deliver youthful positive energy to young people, enrich the meaning of the era of music language, and give the new generation the courage and confidence to show themselves, and foresee the possibility. , Go forward fearlessly.


Pepsi believes that the times change, only the love remains the same

Post time: Aug-07-2021