The 10th Anniversary of “The Voice of China 2021″ returns with brilliant lights to create a diamond stage

The Voice of China 2021

A large-scale inspirational professional music review program jointly created by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Canxing Production-"The Voice of China 2021" was launched on Zhejiang Satellite TV on the evening of July 30. As a domestic phenomenon-level ace music program, "The Voice of China" arrived as scheduled this summer, entering its tenth year of commemorative significance.


The program's newly upgraded "4+4" new competition mode ushered in four heavyweight instructors Na Ying, Wang Feng, Li Ronghao, and Li Keqin. At the same time, they joined hands with their instructors and assistants Wu Mochou, Jike Junyi, Zhang Bichen, and Huang Xiaoyun on the stage of Good Voice.
In the first episode of the program, in the opening session of the instructor, there was a wave of "memory killing". Ten years of instructors assembled across time and space, sang classic songs on the stage of good sound, and made a wave of tears.


Not only that, the stage performance of the 10th anniversary of The Voice of China has also ushered in a comprehensive upgrade, turning into a radiant "diamond" that is new and shining over time.


The good sound after this upgrade and revision, with diamonds as the main visual element throughout the stage. Whether it's the program poster, the instructor's rotating chair, the stage background, lighting, vision, auditorium, etc., sceneries composed of diamond cutting lines can be seen everywhere.


Ten years of good sound, every player expects to stand on this special stage to chase dreams that shine like diamonds. The lighting on the stage is also adding color to the performances of the contestants. It is particularly important to enhance characterization and atmosphere shaping through stage lighting and TV pictures.

The lighting design was completed by the Sangong team. A multi-layer surround-type light position design was also carried out on the stage. Small LED lights, beam lights and strobe lights were used to surround the diamond structure in the middle of the stage, highlighting the diamond elements, but also Realize the extension of space.

Three-in-one is installed under the inner ring of the stage, and EK LED full-color strobe lights are installed along the edge of the stage steps, which can outline the outline of the stage beauty, and also support the stage structure in space, making the scene present More shocking audio-visual effects.
Among them, the two sides of the diamond structure in the center of the stage are equipped with moving head light bars, and there is a strobe light bar in the middle. This design can make the diamond structure become the center in space, and continue to diffuse and radiate outward, forming a linkage with the entire stage.


Not only that, there are also 6-layer moving head LED lights on the periphery of the entire venue, which can make various lighting effects, and make the stage beauty and the entire space more harmonious and stable.

In live performance presentations, it is easy to make dynamic light in panoramic scenes, but it is difficult to complete dynamic light design in close-up or even close-up scenes. Because every move of light, a touch of color, or a change of light and shade in details, such as close-up or close-up scenes, will affect or guide the mood of the audience.

Therefore, lighting needs to accurately convey the sound and emotion through the shapes and colors in the small scenes. Mainly use the beam light on the ground, moving head led and the three-in-one combination on both sides to enrich the small scenes and close-up shots


Post time: Aug-17-2021