See how the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo attracted countless fans!

Pass on blessings and gather light! Sha Xiaolan, the general adviser of the China Pavilion, also serves as the chief director, and is designed and produced by [Fengshang Culture] Light and Shadow Creative Design. It has caused countless tourists to check in and appreciate. CCTV News has been tracking reports for many days, and foreign tourists have become "excited" in seconds, and the "China Light" theme lighting show conveys infinite Chinese charm!

Domestic and foreign audiences passed offline check-in and online viewing and other methods to convey their love for the theme lighting show of the China Pavilion. When they saw the five-star red flag fluttering in front of the pavilion, they heard international tourists praise "It's so beautiful." [Fengshang Culture] The hard work of all the creators has turned into tears of joy and pride, and all the contributions have become more precious!


Sha Xiaolan led [Fengshang Culture] to focus on the theme of "Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind-Innovation and Opportunity", breaking through on-site restrictions and overcoming obstacles to cross-border operations. With minimalist artistic style, with dots, lines and surfaces. Ingenious combination, convey the idea.

The avenue is simple, and the moment is eternal. Through a 7-minute change of light and shadow, relying only on the clever combination of 150 drones, the four chapters of the narrative are ingeniously unfolded, with simplicity and extraordinary creation. While telling the Chinese story to the world, we convey the greetings of "Hello, friends". ! Vivid and pure, highlighting ingenuity!


After experiencing the global epidemic, we have a deeper understanding of the theme of China Pavilion building a community with a shared future for mankind-innovation and opportunity, and we want to say more. Before we shared the latest scientific, technological and cultural achievements at the World Expo, now we have to explore the common development and future of mankind.

Expanding the visual boundary, the world is a picture scroll

In terms of design, the main creative team developed the main body of the China Pavilion to the greatest extent, and unfolded the picture scroll with the main body of the China Pavilion as the axis. The exterior wall of the pavilion serves as a canvas.

At the same time, through multiple technical means such as performing arts lighting, architectural lighting, LED images, drones, etc., they echo and cooperate with each other to extend the stage infinitely, creating a feast of light and shadow between heaven and earth.


The first-floor facade of the China Pavilion is responsible for the led screens on both sides and the grille screens on both sides of the entrance. They extend the vision to the ground, allowing the tree of life to take root.
The visual center of the light and shadow show is the red frame matrix above the second floor of the China Pavilion. More than 1,000 red frame light bodies and open "partitions" cooperate with each other to complete a wide range of dynamic visual effects through editing and control. We use the red frame lamp body as the point, the dot as the matrix, and the matrix as the surface, and use the arrangement and combination of the dot matrix to create a simple and extraordinary visual picture.


The “Dougong” shaped structure on the top of the open ring corridor on the second floor of the China Pavilion and the “parapet wall” facade on the top are also illuminated by architectural lighting according to the structural carrier. The main creative team makes everything visible.


The overall environmental halo is responsible for the two circles of light fixture rings that can be raised and lowered slightly in the roof area of the China Pavilion. These more than 100 computer beam lights can be raised and lowered by the carrier mechanical device, and will be dynamically based on the content of the show during the performance. The form changes the state of light and shade, angle, color, etc., to strengthen the rhythm, highlight the rhythm, and set off the atmosphere.


At the top of the canvas, the drone matrix performance is in charge. Through creative editing and control, the drone matrix cooperates with each part of the screen to achieve the integration of the sky, the earth, and the middle and three dimensions.


Post time: Oct-06-2021