Music competition variety show “Chase the Light! “Lighting Design

Co-produced by Youku and Dragon TV, and produced by Canxing, the tribute-themed music competition variety show "Chase the Light!" Centering on the spiritual core of "chasing the light. Paying tribute to the era", it brings together 21 performers from different fields of interpretation on the same stage to break through themselves through the form of music competition and continue to pursue their dreams.

The lighting design of this season's "Let's Chase the Light" was created by the visual team of Shangwei, and Wang Zhe served as the lighting design director. The show is divided into the first stage, four public performances, one final, 6 stage performances➕The reality show is broadcast in 11 episodes.

This season's lighting design can be said to have changes in every show, and every show has a design. The lighting team has carried the concept of the main IP "Chasing the Light" into every show from beginning to end. The lighting team staff, like the artists on the stage, are also a group of young people chasing the light.


The director team strives to have different visual effects for each show. In order to differentiate the performances, a large number of props and set designs are used on the stage. In each show, the lighting is combined with different stage props to create the overall visual presentation twice.


Due to the completion of the formation of each team starting from Yigong, the group show has become the main form of performance. The lighting team has conducted in-depth communication with the chief director Jin Lei many times to reach an aesthetic consensus. Therefore, how to control the details of each set show lighting becomes a key design element.


Post time: Mar-14-2022