“China National Treasure Conference” under the lights, come and have a meeting with the national treasure! Reading China from National Treasures, this show is amazing!

"China National Treasure Conference" is a large-scale cultural and expo knowledge contest jointly produced by China Central Radio and Television and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

With the theme of "Understanding China from National Treasures", the program centered on nearly a thousand cultural relics in more than 140 museums across the country, allowing contestants and audiences to open a period of exploration of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization through the contest of cultural knowledge.

"China National Treasure Conference" is directed by Gong Peng, and the Ming Ruisi design team led by Gong Rui is responsible for the stage design. In the first seminar with the chief director Gong Peng, it was initially reached to form a confrontational relationship in space with a center-style stage. Through 360-degree surrounding the carrier, the performance ceremony was placed in a mysterious and shocking historical environment.


In terms of image seeds at the beginning of the design, the stage design hopes to make Chinese traditional culture conscious, and hopes to use a kind of "qi" image as the basic carrier to surround it. Turn Qi into tangible, and turn the Qi of the East into Canglong, Big Fish, etc.
In the stage design, the distant view is the surrounding carrier, and the combination of the concrete cultural relics in the middle view forms an abstract and concrete contrasting relationship, which constitutes a sense of visual conflict in a unified context.

On the main stage is a huge circular video, which shows the different psychological conflicts of the players and the extroverted performance atmosphere. Then use the surrounding environment screen as a way to cut the space, bringing more possibilities for environment switching


"Reflecting", as the most important environmental carrier of the overall design, how to reflect the "qi" in the heart poses arduous challenges to the subsequent design and implementation work. In order to reflect its air permeability, the choreography design has looked for different types of mesh materials, through the mesh gaps and the special refraction of surface materials to form more modern artistic factors and imagination space.


"China National Treasure Conference" is designed by EYE member Yu Yang as the chief lighting designer. He made derivative designs based on the tone of the stage design and cultural programs. The stage is designed in a circular shape. The lighting must reflect the word "bright and clean." The leakage affects the picture. Therefore, it is not possible to design too many lamps on the ground. In the lighting design, most of the lamps are designed in the sky above the stage, and four groups of concentric circular lamp stands are designed based on the stage shape, which hides the lamps, so that they can show cleanly in the lens without destroying the stage shape. Visual space.

In the design of Cue, the stage is decorated with the language of the lens. While the stage space is divided by lighting, only some complex cues are made at key points to support the stage scene, such as the cue design at the opening.


The focus of this lighting task is to show people and objects, and more attention is paid to the face light of the characters and the display of cultural relics. If the focus is on the age and weight of the cultural relics displayed on the spot, the light design is done.


Post time: Sep-16-2021