A hot summer, igniting a hot life-”Brother Who Overcomes Thorns”


At 12 o'clock today, the Mango TV panoramic music competition variety show "Brother Who Overcomes Troubles" premiered, 33 brothers appeared on the stage, full of enthusiasm, and added a enthusiasm to this summer.

The initial stage has 34 songs, 42 stage shows, no screen, no stage beauty, and all the visual effects are created by lighting. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge for the lighting team. The Dameng team led by chief lighting designer Chen Jie is also the lighting design team for the second season of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" to complete the production. This time, the Dameng team still accepted the challenge with the most enthusiastic initial intention, and strived to achieve unlimited lighting visual creation with a limited number of lights.

A numerically controlled structure composed of 8 columns, using a shaking head wall washer, and a three-in-one lamp. A large number of strip lamps are used to create a sense of vertical lines on the background with the numerical control lifting of the upper and lower spaces, and the three-in-one lamps are responsible for creating multiple forms of light.


A numerically controlled structure composed of 4 square structures, with strobe lights forming the outer frame, 3 of the square structures are filled with moving head wall washer lights, and 1 square structure is a double-sided LED endless rotating lamp. The 4 squares are suspended in a T shape, which can realize a sense of multi-dimensional space up and down, front and rear.


The numerical control structure of the lamp wall composed of double-sided led infinite rotating lamps and 5 horizontal wall washer lamps, with regular lamp positions and variable infinite rotating lamps, realizes a holistic visual structure and realizes the lamps according to the needs of different stages. The distinctive changes inside the wall are "independent and integral, unchanged and ever-changing".


A large number of steel frame structures are set up on all four sides of the stage, and multi-layer light positions are set up to create a tough visual structure that matches the image of the brothers and expand the visual space on all sides.

Four wall washer lamps are used on the lamp stands on both sides, and the wall washer lamps in the main background strengthen the upper and lower lines of the stage.


The main background is a seamless 7*7 matrix lamp wall with a height of 15 meters and a width of 2 meters. There are two moving head wall washer lamps on the left and right sides, combined with the wall washer lamps on both sides to form a large main background wall. The orderly combination of sparse and dense structures presents visual integrity.


Turning pressure into motivation, turning love into light, after several months, in this high temperature and high pressure summer, countless behind-the-scenes work including the Dameng team spent hundreds of days and nights in the high-temperature studio. Hesitate to sweat. Finally, this stage is perfectly displayed in front of the audience, let us look forward to a more exciting performance stage for the brothers in the future!

Post time: Aug-19-2021