7 Common Faults of LED Moving Head Lights and Repair Solution

7 Common Faults of LED Moving Head Lights and Repair Solutions

 LED moving head


• Not Energized

• Bulb Does Not Light Up

• Bulb Sometimes Bright and Sometimes not Bright

• Bulb Blow Out

• Not Controlled

• Broken Belt

• Out of Step Phenomenon


When solving the fault of the LED moving head light, you also need to have certain operation precautions according to the stage light:

1. When the bulb is powered on, try to avoid looking directly at the light from the bulb.
2. When loading and unloading or replacing the light bulb, please be sure to cut off the main power connected to the device first, and then open the movable mask above the device to install the light bulb.

If you are a novice or our content cannot solve your actual problems, we suggest you find the stage lighting equipment supplier who have provided you with LED moving head lights before, they can solve the problem for you, and the lights have certain warranty services, such as one year or two year.


Common failures No.1: moving head light overall not energized

1. first check whether there is a problem with the power cord.
2. Check whether the fuse of the power block is blown.
3. open the base panel of the lamp, and check whether the ballast is energized and whether the internal switch connection line appears to fall off.
4. open the two shells of the lamp body, near the location of the bulb on the side to check whether the temperature control failed.


Common fault No.2: moving head light bulb does not light

1. Open the tail part of the lamp body to check whether the bulb is white or black, if there are two phenomena above, please replace the bulb and try again.
2. Open the two shells of the lamp body, the lamp column is installed on the trigger, check whether the trigger wiring is black and if there is a replacement trigger.


Common failures No.3: moving head light bulb when bright when not bright

1. Check whether the bulb is white, black, or up, there are several cases above, please replace the bulb to avoid damage to the product.
2. Check whether the fans on both sides near the bulb are functioning normally, if there is a bad one, please replace the fan in time.
3. Please open the two shells, in the pattern piece and color piece of the layer there is a white temperature control, to see if it is burned (if bad will not extinguish the bubble).
4. Open the two shells of the lamp body, there are heat sink windows on the tail of the bulb, and after a long time will block the windway in and out can, if the heat sink window appears dusty, please clean it (this heat sink window is best cleaned once a month for the best results).


Common failures No.4: moving head light bulbs blow up

1. First check whether the voltage is between 100V-240V, if more than 240V can blow the possibility of the bubble (so mention that each place should be installed a voltage regulator).
2. If there is a fried bubble, please check whether the bubble is due to the long working life and caused by (the market for the stage moving head light bulbs mostly in the 50000 hours, use more than this time, the bulb is likely to be bad).
3. Is there a problem with the quality of the bulb?
4. If none of the above three methods, then it may be a ballast problem.


Common fault No.5: the moving head light is not controlled.

1. Check whether the address code is the right number? If the address code is right but not controlled, check the signal line three pistons have not been connected to the reverse. And check whether the connection between the card dragon seat and the card leads to the situation (poor contact).
2. If the address code to the case, the signal line side connection has no problem, the DMX light at the address code will be normal flashing, if not flashing is a problem with the connection.
3. With the same console and then go to a separate connection order light to try, if there is no problem, it proves that the light is not controlled by the main board or display board problems.


Common fault No.6: moving head light broken belt

1. If the light body’s Pan/ Tilt is not responding, but the control panel and other lights are operating normally, it is possible that the belt is broken.
2. If the Pan does not move, but the Tilt moving or the Pan is moving, but the Tilt is not moving, it may be a broken belt.
3. If the above phenomenon, you can turn off the light in the case of hand paddle Pan / Tilt walk, feel whether the belt in the drive to turn, if very loose and very smooth to paddle, it proves that the broken belt.


Common failures No.7: moving head light out of step phenomenon

1. If the moving head light is out of step like the phenomenon, please reprogram the program and try again.
2. If it does not work, it proves that a function of the motor or the motherboard of a certain IC is burned out.

Post time: Mar-23-2023