2022 Unicorn Stage Show, here we come

Time & Interstellar
Theme: Awe of time and space, chasing light and dream

This is an interstellar spaceship, but also a time reincarnation machine.

Time is a clock-measurable property of physical existence. The occurrence, development and termination of a process reflects both the continuity and the sequence of the process. Every living being cannot break through and get rid of, and it makes every living being full of reverie.


In the concept of space, interstellar space is the space existence of major celestial bodies. It is the upper limit of space that human beings can currently reach, and it is also a limit that human beings have been exploring and breaking through.

The designer is eager to bring time and space to the front of the viewer, and awe of time and space through this group of movable and huge machinery and brilliant light vocabulary in front of them.


visual presentation

The overall visual presentation and music arrangement is divided into 4 chapters, sequence, forward, still and reverse.

The preface is displayed through a macroscopic overall display, and the machinery and light and shadow are short-lived, enough to stop, attracting the viewer to this step of the space-time machine, and at the same time, it also expresses the theme concept of space-time. This chapter is the exploration and discovery section.


The positive sequence passes through the habitual clockwise elements and the repeated mechanical movement. In this part, we can see the process of the beginning and the end that belongs to this chapter. This chapter as a whole shows the gradual progress of things and the birth, old age, sickness and death. This chapter is the Progress and Development section.

Stillness is the designer's attempt to break through the concept of time and space. Longing for dripping hover, longing for the clock to stop swinging, longing for a visual expression that is about to stop. To interpret this abrupt stop through machinery and light and shadow, I hope that the viewer can suddenly jump out of the previous chapter, sink into this chapter, and follow the visual show to stand still and hold their breath. This chapter is the part to explore and try.


The reverse sequence is the part that the designer wants to express to the viewer the most, and it may also be the part that can easily arouse empathy with the viewer. The huge installations and thousands of devices in front of them are all interpreting human's cognition and thinking about time and space. Breaking through the current concept of time and space is the dream and imagination of human beings. It is also the original intention of the design. In this chapter, the designer tries to explain the concept of time and space through the charm of music, the different presentation of lighting and the unconventional behavior of machinery. It may be impossible for time and space to be reversed and subverted, but it cannot stop human beings from reverie about time and space, nor can they prevent light chasers from interpreting light differently. This chapter is the part of fantasy and chasing light.


Beyond 2460

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