2021 Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night, a wonderful journey through time and space!

2021 Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night is produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV Program Center Super Night Studio, with Chen Xuewu as the chief director, and joins hands with the top domestic teams to create a suspenseful and wonderful carnival night

BEYOND LIGHTING 150 pieces 660B (660B Double face moving head 6x60w RGBW Led wash zoom with strobe bar lights) had the honor to participate in the stage venue layout


The 2021 Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night is based on the theme of "Better Life, Longing for Together". The concept has been comprehensively upgraded, and the innovative form of "immersive plot interactive show" is adopted to bring a novel experience to the audience. Different from the previous cat nights, this time the party added a blockbuster film texture story plot, enhanced the sense of substitution with suspense, increased the reasoning process, and drove the audience and users to find clues and understand the mystery. In the traditional viewing, it also stimulated the brain. The fun, so that viewers and users can use wisdom to create more benefits for themselves

In this stage lighting, Tian Weijun and Lu Xiaowei of the EYE vision team are the lighting directors. The stage lighting design wants to be more full. The lighting is based on the distribution of the geometrical boxes in the air. A large number of lamps are designed in the surrounding vacancies. The shape also made some special lamps to reflect the outline of the box.


The entire stage is divided into different areas by the stage design. This time the stage is divided into three stages on the left, middle and right. The lighting is designed differently according to the area. The center B "ladder" stage has beam lights installed on both sides of the stage to increase the stage. Deeper and deeper. In addition, a vertically downward lifting TRUSS frame is installed on the ladder, which can be lowered during performances to change the sense of depth of the ladder. And special lighting shapes are designed for different songs, such as Hua Chenyu's vertical bar shape, Ayunga's round shape and so on.


Although A/C said that the background is dominated by the screen, in order to reflect the diversity, lamps are installed behind the screen to cooperate with the video, and many effect changes can be made through the screen.


The number of screens is very large this time. In order not to conflict with the video, the lighting is mainly white, and to restore the video and the overall shape of the stage to the greatest extent. The lighting team adheres to the concept of "do every performance as the last performance"! Try to properly cooperate with the show of each show.


Beyond lighting 660B Double face moving head 6x60w RGBW Led wash zoom with strobe bar lights pixel zoom bar worked in stage


Post time: Nov-13-2021