Beyond lighting 2021 Guangzhou GET SHOW exhibition- new products launched and Full led source stage lighting show

2021 Guangzhou Get show-Beyond Lighting display a wonderful full led source stage lighting show for people

Date: 8th-11th,May

Beyond Booth Area: 178 square meters

Beyond Booth Number:Hall 5 5C-01

Lighting fixtures quantities in this show and exhibition: over 800 pieces

In the exhibition hall, beyond is the only booth and lighting show which lighting fixtures are only combined by led source stage lighting.This meet BEYOND’S insistence, focus on led wash lights in passed 10 years, so Beyond was called ” Specialist In Wash Light” by clients.

2021 New products launched into market during the exhibition, over 800 units lights are displayed and programed in the lighting show.

The Lights list are combined by models of :

Z68 (8*60W Led pixel zoom par light with connectable function),

24*60W LED Super bee eye movig head light

9*60W Led pixel linear bar light with pan movement

25*40W double face matrix zoom and strobe moving head,

High brightness Led new strobe moving head,

6*60W Led pixel zoom bar moving head,

7*60W bee eye moving head and 19x40W bee eye moving head


It was the fifth year in a row that Beyond lighting its showroom was the only stage light show in the entire exhibition to feature an all-LED source stage lighting.The visitors were impressed by the brightness and color of our lighting, even thought them are wash effect lights, but all give very good and strong beam sense.

For the bee eye moving head even no need program with lens rotation, its beam and flower effect are very significant. Special for th2 2021 new product:24*60W Led super bee eye moving head, no one can ignore its charm effect, powerful brightness, nice colors and dazzling vortex effect.

Two side set two hang truss, installed with 6x60W Led beam wash moving head and 8x60W waterproof zoom par light.They are very eye-catching, many visitors are mistook there are beam moving head. The 9x60W bar zoom moving light set as background light and put a row on floor,create a beam curtain.

25*40W double face magic panel zoom and strobe moving head is a new type stage lighting can be used as beam, wash, effect light.All these new type stage lighting equipment make this exhibition are wonderful effec

Z68 3

Post time: May-07-2021