Professional 6*60W pixel zoom bar moving head lighting used on TV shows

The professional stage lighting 6x60W pixel zoom bar moving head is a new type linear moving head and has zoom function, launched by beyond lighting at beginning of 2019. Six pieces super bright 60W pixels give tight 3°to 45°beam, very strong beam sense and good color wash effect. Each led can be controlled single and has fast led chase effect. The Pan and tilt are rapid infinite rotating, create wonderful dynamic effect in stage.Equipped with high-precision 3 phase stepper motors give fast and smooth movement. Also excellent dimming curve without flick, are suitable to apply for TV station. Folding hooks equipped makes it easily for installation.It is a excellent lights Suitable for concerts, TV shows, Festivals, Car shows, Theatre, Sport tournaments etc events in a large venue.


"Summer of the Band" is one of the most popular large-scale programs among young people and audiences in China in 2020!

100 pieces 6x60 pixel zoom bar moving head and 200 pieces 2720: IP65 strobe bar light are used on this stage from beyond lighting.

It is an original music variety show produced by iQiyi and Mi Wei co-produced and produced.After 8 months, the program group has assembled 31 bands of different styles and competed for the birth of the Chinese HOT5 band through the content design and music performance of different themed units. Showcasing different modern music styles such as punk, pop rock, metal, rap metal, retro psychedelic rock, Funk and so on. Bring you the hottest and most explosive summer!

The new issue of "Summer of the Band" competition system has become cruel. If the first three stages are the audition stage, then starting from the fourth stage, the competitive mode has been opened, and it has gone from a warm artistic life to a gunpowder-filled rivalry.

After the TV program was broadcast, the lighting effect of the whole stage was impressive, also makes this light in the use of TV programs on the stage more popular, and help Beyond lighting are know by more people.

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Post time: May-07-2021